Valuation of tangible and intangible assests

In some sectors, including High Technology and Pharmacy, trademarks and patents have become essential business assets that play an important role in their business prospects. One can easily see that their value changes over time, depending on their developments and potential hazards.
For a CFO fence situation arises the question of the valuation of these intangible assets and the appropriateness of the methods to use.
In prior to the valuation itself, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the assets to be evaluated, and thus to take into account all the facts justifying, and possibly adjust the key parameters and assumptions .
Strategic and financial analysis
  • Conduct a market study
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis
  • Identify competitive advantages
  • Identify strategic issues and their impact on the valuation of assets
  • Define indicators of financial performance
  • Establish a Business Plan
  • Identify the elements corresponding to the financial assets
  • Define indicators of financial performance
  • Measuring value creation
  • Identify the free cash flows of the proper asset
  • Criticizing the assumptions of the business plan
  • Calculate the terminal value
  • Determine the discount rate to be applied
  • Estimate the royalties rate in this context
  • Explain the range of risk premium
Peers' transactions multiples
  • Select comparable companies
  • Retain the appropriate aggregates
  • Calculate multiples
  • Determine the appropriate multiples
  • Select the most appropriate ratio in the context of the sector
  • Apply premiums or discounts
Duration: 2 days - 14 hours
Price HT: € 1,745 (meals included)
Location: Paris

Jacques-Henri Hacquin