Article : "Excellence at the heart of international financial consulting!"

"Our objective is to cover the entire value chain of financial advisory by targeting primarily SMEs and investment funds to offer top-notch advice and irreproachable quality". Meeting with Olivier Schwab, Founding Partner of NG Finance and expert in Financial Valuation.

Tell us about NG Finance.

NG Finance is a financial consulting firm that I have founded together with Jacques-Henri Hacquin in 2011. The firm's expertise is based on our two complementary career paths. Jacques-Henri's background in private banking and his legal and wealth management skills complement my experience in strategic and financial evaluation, that I could acquire over the past 25 years with EY and KPMG in Paris and London.

We are specialized in Financial Evaluation, sell- and buy-side due diligence reviews and financial support and assistance. The latter comprises the implementation of reporting, performance management and cash flow monitoring tools. As a provider of financial evaluations, we act as both, a supportive advisor as well as an independent expert in a strictly regulated environment, controlled by regulatory authorities. Today, we employ 25 people across three countries: France, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Our activity also covers Germany and the Benelux states.

Since its creation, NG Finance has carried out more than 600 missions, including 180 last year and about 150 abroad. Our activity has thus grown by more than 150%!

Financial evaluation being a rather complex field, how do you grasp the subject matter?

On the one hand, we have to deal with assets of all kinds (intangible assets such as trademarks, patents, databases and other contracts; tangible assets such as inventories, buildings and industrial equipment).

On the other hand, we value various financial instruments (hybrids such as preferred shares, warrants attached to stock and quasi-equity instruments such as convertible bonds, warrants attached to bonds, etc.).

What distinguishes you in this respect?

While pursuing our missions, we propose a high level of transparency, support and advice, irrespective of the environment or the type of operation.

We implement a multi-criteria a

pproach by combining different methods based on the company's fundamentals and on transactional as well as listed peers. We are fortunate to be able to conduct valuations of companies operating in remote countries, since this allows us to enrich the financial data gathered in our databases.

However, when operating in regulated environments, we must be vigilant regarding specific accounting, tax or legal provisions. In this context, we rely on our network "best friends" composed of lawyers and accountants mastering the specificities of different contexts.

And to conclude?

We are an independent firm on a human scale that stands out for its proximity to clients, professionalism and profound technical expertise on a European and international level.

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